Exercise : Working with children

I have always really enjoyed children’s illustrated books very much so enjoyed doing the research for this assignment.

I realised that actually the age groups were fairly fluid, especially if a child was being read to rather than the child reading to themselves. Preschool books tend to be very simple and bright images with few words. I particularily like the books for early and established readers, typified by Lauren Child’s work with her very lively use of collage and different text. David Mackintosh is another author I admire. They both draw in a very loose, naive style but produce very sophisticated imagery.

Alfie’s Journey

I chose to go back to a previous character, the dog “Alfie” that I had drawn in a different exercise. I experimented with a simple format for a preschool / pre reader image. I really like books that have cut outs, like the square book and also a copy of Tove Jansson book which has sections cut out of each page.

experimenting with cutouts

experimenting with cutouts

experimenting with cutouts

experimenting with cutouts

I struggled to make it work however and ended up creating a collaged version.alfie collagealfie in the caralfie in boataialfie on the skatebai


I then used the word “scary” and worked with the early reader (5-7) and established reader (7-9) categories in mind. My first image of Alfie in the woods was not scary enough so I redid the image in darker colours.

I made these images by using a combination of making an oil paint mono print, combined with a line drawing, a technique which I have not done before and would like to try again.alfiein woodsalfiein woods2


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