I had collected a lot of Illustration references but when I looked through them, very few were contemporary other than some children’s authors who I had read with my children (Lauren Child and Maire Hedderwick).

As the notes suggested, this ended up being a real journey of discovery. I went on the OCA forum as suggested and looked at other students resources. I looked at several websites that were mentioned. (illustrationmundo.com, illustrationage.com, IllustrationFriday ) I found them interesting but I couldn’t imagine using them for inspiration. However, I had never really understood PinInterest so going on the OCA boards completely blew my mind! I have since heard that it is like going “down the rabbit hole, emerging an hour later, bleary eyed and your brain aching” and I completely could see that. A hundred different avenues to potentially follow. I have set up my own boards now and am completely sold on it as a concept. My only concern is how to filter the amount of information, I think I need to try and be quite discerning about what I pin and explore so as not to get completely drowned in stuff.

Amongst others, I have pinned the work of

Mar Cerda www.marillustrations.com  (beautifully made dioramas)

Kim Welling http://www.kimwelling.com (quirky Dutch illustrator, I was drawn to her little things in matchboxes)

John Klassen http://jonklassen.tumblr.com (Canadian Illustrator whose work is typically sparse and understated. I pinned his line illustrations from Lemony Snicket’s “The Dark” but I also like his other work)

Masako Kubo http://www.masakokubo.co.uk/illustration/images/ (Japanese illustrator, again I like her sparse imagery)

Maggie Warwick http://www.maggiewarwick.co.uk/prints.html (British printmaker, I love her pebble prints).

Books I have found a source of inspiration in the past:

Push Stitchery published by Lark

New Artisans published by Thames and Hudson

Japanese Graphics Now! published by Taschen


One thought on “Research Point: finding out about the world of illustration

  1. I am reliant on Pinterest for reference material when sculpting birds in wire. I used to have a massive “Bird photos” board. But now have boards organised for each breed. That was I can choose a bird and its pose and then use other images of the same bird to give me 360 degree detail on shape and colour. That organisation lessens the “down the rabbit hole” experience.

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