Quirky / whimsical

I know that straight forward observational drawings are not my strong point. I am much happier when I can cut loose in some way, especially if I can make the image humourous or quirky in some way.


Whilst I really enjoyed making the model of the 70’s bedroom, I felt the final images didn’t reflect the charm of the actual model which was in a box, like a little stage set.  I enjoyed making all the 3D models but the ones that gave me most satisfaction were the ones that were little scenes. Writing this and having seen some dioramas on Pininterest, makes me realise that the problem may be that the charm lies in the framing of the scene, whereas when I photographed my scene I zoomed in to hide the edges, whereas pulling back might have worked better. Of course it means more work, as some of those edges were quite wonky.


image I used



showing the box


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