This was a good way to start to Illustration 2, I enjoyed reviewing my work and it was a good reminder of what I have enjoyed doing. I often have a confidence wobble at the start of a course so this was a useful reminder of my strengths rather than focussing on my weaknesses.

I can divide my work into categories. My default mode is making line drawings but I think my work improved when I branched out with mark making which opened me up to stains, bleed through and rubbings. Another step forward was using humour, not in the sense of jokes but a whimsicality or quirkiness. I experimented with 3D work which I would also like to do more of, but I struggled with lighting and photographing the models so that the final image looked good. I guess I am still on a learning curve with that.

My private sketchbook work is much more abstract, using collage, colour, grids and cutting through pages to build sequences. I was able to use this work in Assignment 5 Textiles1 which was very satisfying. I feel that at present my figurative, line work runs on a parallel path to my abstract sketchbook work and I wonder when or if these two paths will branch or cross over.

Line drawings

Drawing in pen is my default mode of drawing. I like making simple drawings with one or two block colours.  I also like making diagrams with a combination of drawing, arrows and text. The cat map is a good example of that.

catmap second versiondoglmlmnx1


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