I used the same reference photo as in the previous exercise.

I often follow the process draw-scan-colour. So this was fairly straightforward. I zoomed in on one of the figures for this.draw,scan,colour

Colour-print-draw. I was pleasantly surprised by the result of this. It turned out better than I expected.colourprintdraw

The exercise then asked me to work in a different order. I decided to collage in elements of the scene. In order to do this I found myself jumping backwards and forwards between scanner, photoshop, illustrator, printer and drawing. I couldn’t show this as a linear path, it was more a case of to-ing and fro-ing, but by collaging in bits of fabric I was definitely trying out new working routes. I was pleased with the end results of this which gave me ideas for future images.collagesoldier4

Overall, this exercise further emphasised how useful a tool I find working digitally. It makes manipulating an image much easier. When I first started learning the use of the software I found it impossible to work creatively in a digital form. As my skills improve, I now find that although the original idea is always away from the screen, I am more open to trying out creative options on the computer.



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