Feedback on Section 1

The overall comments were that the work was ok but I hadn’t put enough of my workings on the blog. This was a comment I had all the way through Level 1 and yet again I am falling into this bad habit. There are a few reasons behind this.

Firstly, I sometimes run out of energy by the end of the exercise and there is an element of laziness to not being bothered to document all the work.

Secondly, more importantly I have a very strong disinclination to reveal things that I am not yet happy with. It is a form of perfectionism which at times isn’t helpful. Not helped by working digitally when I have to keep remembering to save interim steps. When I look at Assignment 1 it is indeed laughable how little I have posted of all the preliminary work I did, as though the finished images have just dropped from the sky!

Thirdly, I have given my blog details to a few more people and that has made me more conscious of my new readers and rather forgetting the primary reason for the blog.

Overall it is annoying when I KNOW this is a problem for me but I still am failing to tackle it.

In response to this feedback I have rewritten my blog post on Assignment 1.


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