I created 3 illustrations from the event. I worked hardest on the first illustration, which I felt was the least successful, and then the second and third fell into place much more easily. I scanned in a sheet of pale green watercolour to use as the grass background, which I used in each, which served to connect the three drawings with each other. For the first illustration I imagined a high view point, looking down on the scene. I initially tried a similar viewpoint with the second. I was showing an area with deck chairs, ringed by food vans. I felt that it worked better with lower view point  so added a  backdrop, a line drawing of buildings and some dark green bushes  and increased the size of the foreground sketches.


original sketch


original sketch


placing reworked sketches on background


Final version (the illustration I was most pleased with)

For the last illustration I again combined a series of sketches. I had noticed the “chill out zone” earlier with a small van with a flamingo and  bathtub attached. I made some drawings and then was delighted to see the van driving around, belching smoke, with two small children in the bath tub and being followed by a man playing a tuba. So again I combined a series of sketches, added people and created a version of the true events. By this time I had already made a lot of decisions regarding background and colour choices, so it was really just a case of sorting the composition. I like square formats a lot but this worked better as in a long landscape form.


original sketch


original sketch


working out composition


Final version of the chill out zone


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