When I got home I decided to focus more closely on some articles of clothing. Firstly I chose a favourite coat. I spent ages wondering how to represent it as it had quite a sophisticated surface. It was a quilted coat with a slightly shiny surface, onto which was a photographic representation of a rough woollen fabric. Once I had drawn the coat I added a person wearing it. I used coptic markers to draw the pattern, I think I was only partly successful in representing it’s qualities. coatbeecoat

Finally I then on to use some of my family as “models”. I ended up really enjoying trying to get the effect of the fabrics. I made sketches on layout paper in line, then added colours on top with another sheet of paper. This enabled me to experiment at achieving textures. I then combined them in Photoshop. Again, I enjoyed making the drawings and stylising their features, although I am not sure how true the representations are of the actual articles of clothing.loujeans1jeans2jumper1jumper2scarf2scarf1loufinal3andyfinalfinal


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