I started this assignment whilst on holiday in Italy.  Drawing abroad, I realised I had turned a corner, I felt a lot of my self consciousness fall away, helped partly by being a foreign tourist, so hidden in plain sight.

I made notes on the sketches regarding the fabrics of various men’s shirts and jeans I saw on the train.shirtjeans

I found a group of Korean tourists visiting a tourist site to be a good subject. They were generally stylish, often wearing quite high fashion clothes, rather than the more standard jeans and T shirts of western tourists, so interesting to draw. They also stood around a lot, photographing themselves and the site and I was of no interest to them. I made notes but I also realised that I needed photographs to jog my memory. I added colour to a couple of sketches on my return.korean-1-1korean-girlkoreangirl1

I have often felt that airports are ideal drawing fields but often have felt too tired or stressed when actually there, however on this occasion I did a lot of sketching. Once I had got myself a seat I found that people are generally not noticing what other people are doing so I could observe quite freely. I became intrigued by a family group with the mother in traditional arabic dress, the son looking every inch the fashionable Italian teenager, with his phone continuously to his ear. As we were all in the departure lounge, people stayed in one area, so it gave me more time to try and capture the details.airport1airport3airport2airportboyairport4airportboy2


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