I started my research by looking at the websites suggested in the course notes. I didn’t feel very inspired so I moved onto looking at my own card collection that I had put together over the years and finally I went on to PinInterest. (I think I ought to set a timer when I do that).

The research made me think firstly about architecture that I liked and secondly the (architectural) imagery that I liked.

I worked out that my favourite architectural styles are Arts and Crafts and Modernist leading on to  contemporary architecture. I am interested in minimalist designs and the use of new eco-friendly materials. In looking at architectural illustration,  I initially found myself picking images I liked on a purely visual basis. I felt that architectural images had to serve a function, to inform, either on a technical level or to show an idea or concept. I have always liked plans, looking from above, but for this research I didn’t include plans as I felt they were really technical drawings.

I didn’t feel drawn to the pretty, nostalgic watercolour illustrations of houses that I saw on the Society of Architectural Illustrators. I made a new board as Architectural board on PinInterest and then reviewed what I had chosen. What I discovered from my choices was that I like simple minimalistic designs. I also discovered that I was most drawn to section drawings or models. I especially like this drawing from the Alex Monroe studio which is both informative and quirky.


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