My tutor commented that in the exercise on 2 colours,



I could have taken the print idea further. I needed to make xmas cards so I thought I would use the idea as a linocut, to make a simple card.

I altered the content to make it christmassy, by adding a fireplace, a tree and presents. I would have added more things but I needed to keep it very simple (my lino cutting is very rudimentary). I kept the design very rough in keeping with my natural style. I made a mock up in paper and I realised that it wouldn’t stand up, so I had to alter the design to flatten the base. I clipped the white corners off so each card so that the final cards were rough hexagons. I like to think of my cards on people’s mantel pieces, always looking a bit different from all the other cards. I used a reduction technique to print the two colours.I was quite pleased with it in the end, with hindsight I would have used a coloured card background.


paper mockup


working out the reduction


lino plate


first colour



One thought on “Further response to Tutor’s feedback

  1. You say that you like to think of the card on the recipient’s mantel shelf, being a little different from the usual, and I think it achieves that. I think that you should also value it as an artwork by giving it a title and writing “Reduction Linocut: Sarah Pease 2016” on the back.

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