This section has been interesting and challenging. I have learned some new things, surprised myself with some things and confirmed some previous thoughts about what I REALLY don’t like doing.

I already knew I enjoyed drawing people when I was out and about. This is something I have done for many years and initially found difficult and uncomfortable. Only now, after quite a few years do I feel more comfortable. Even so, I find it a tiring process and after what seems a lot of time drawing I often have surprisingly little to show for it. What I learned from this is to try and gather much more reference material than I think I will need. Or at least schedule repeat trips to have another go.

I enjoyed the first two exercises (drawing on the familiar and on location) mainly because of learning new techniques on Photoshop. I surprised myself by enjoying the fashion exercise a lot and I was pleased with the outcome of that exercise.

That brings me on to architectural and botanical drawing. I managed to dodge the boredom of drawing detailed buildings by making a model but I obviously REALLY don’t like drawing plants and even though I tried to think of more interesting techniques to entertain myself, I found myself still struggling to get through the exercise.

I think the new stuff I have learned on this section has mainly been to do with technical skills on Photoshop and it has confirmed my liking of coptic markers.

Thinking about my sketchbooks too, if I have any area that I want to develop, it would be to work on my depictions of people and to somehow combine them with my sketchbook work.


sketchbook page


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