Architectural drawing

My tutor had said that she felt a bit cheated by me making a model, not a drawing for this exercise, so I’ve had a go.

I was very tempted to work from a photo reference in order to get the dimensions correct but in the end I sat in the garden and started with a rough crayon and graphite sketch. This got me more in the mood and I then did a more accurate pencil sketch. I made a few notes on colour and texture and then went back to my studio. I went over the pencil sketch with a black liner.


initial crayon and graphite sketch


second pencil sketch


pencil sketch with black liner on top

I scanned it into photoshop and then used it as a template to try out various ways of representing the stone. I already knew that coptic markers would be right for the modern extension.

I tried watercolour crayons, and coptic markers. During this process I realised that my wobbly pen lines didn’t look right and I redrew the straight lines with a ruler, using the original drawing as a template. I layered the images in photoshop.


experimenting with stone colour


experimenting with stone colour

The final image was with the stone of the house in soft pastels, the slate tiles and guttering in graphite and the rest of image using coptic markers. Looking at I could make some improvements (where are the lintels and the line running down the side of the house would be better hand drawn) but I’m moderately pleased that I forced myself to do it.


final image


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