I started this topic feeling interested but after trying to make my own flip books became very frustrated. Whilst liking the idea of animation I struggle with repeating imagery in a careful steady way. I also started off with a ridiculously over ambitious project and became totally bogged down before abandoning it.

These were the abandoned ideas:

a flip book with a person laughing. I tried making repeated images, tried simplifying the imagery but it was too sophisticated an idea for my skill level.


laughing faces

I tried to make flip book of a cat meowing for food but became too bored to complete it. I struggled with doing the same image over and over, lining stuff up correctly, how big to make the transitions. Mine were different every time. I liked my little cat pictures though.


cat pictures

cats 2

sequencing meowing cat


flip books that were never finished

Finally I made an animated GIF on photoshop. Not the greatest, but at least I was able to take it through to the end.

Making a GIF.

At least doing this on photoshop got round the problem of repeating an image.

I looked at various tutorials online and roughly followed the steps:

I created a new file in photoshop.

I drew a cat on my Waco tablet using the brush tool in Illustrator. I saved the tail and mouth as separate layers.

I imported the files to photoshop.

I grouped the layers as Frame 1, then duplicated them as Frame 2. I manipulated the tail and mouth frames then repeated the sequence. I ended up with what I thought was 8 frames and then clicked onto the animation options. They came up as 23 separate frames so I hadn’t done it quite right but with a bit of fiddling around I got it to loop in a very basic way. Sadly I don’t think my blog will show it working.

I don’t see Pixar rushing to sign me up…..


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