I really struggled to get going with this but eventually I got there.

I thought of various current events that had annoyed me that I could do. Philip Green, Micheal O’Leary from Ryan Air etc but I couldn’t even bear to look at their smug pictures, let alone make a collage from them.

I went back to the course notes. The word metaphor jumped out at me.

I decided to do the sexual harassment issue that has been rumbling on since the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

I wanted to do a metaphor, I thought of an octopus and then the word dinosaur came to mind, as my belief (hope) is that the main offenders are older males in positions of power and these men and their attitudes are dying out.

Also the words witch hunt. I wanted to subvert the accusation  and say “yes, it is a witch hunt and we, the witches, are coming to get you”.

I had a memory in my head of a child’s drawing of soldiers firing arrows from a castle. From this I got a vague idea of  a child’s drawing of witches shooting tiny arrows at dinosaurs. I made no preliminary sketches because it was all in my head.

I downloaded some images of dinosaurs and some witches from clip art.

I drew a background using wax crayons on a dark background.dino 2.jpg

I started to combine the 3 on photoshop. I experimented with relative sizes and placement. I added arrows and text.

I produced a final version and then showed it to others for feedback.dino 6.jpg

The feedback I got was that it looked like a battle and maybe I should make the dinosaurs look like they were running away, the arrows hitting them and blood coming out. They also suggested speech bubbles which I had thought about but hadn’t got round to doing.

I felt dissatisfied with the image and decided to do my own drawings of the dinosaurs and the witches.dino 10

I switched from Photoshop to Illustrator in order to add the text and arrows, it made it slightly easier to manipulate all the bits of the image.dino 10Final versiondino 10I was quite pleased with the final outcome, especially as I really hadn’t wanted to do the exercise. I enjoyed using the children’s wax crayons as a medium and again felt I was increasing my skills on Photoshop and Illustrator.


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