My first experience of artists working with paper was whilst doing Textiles Level 1.

I visited an exhibition of paper artists “First Cut” in Manchester, an artists’ book competition in Sheffield and explored pleating and crumpling in the work of Paul Jackson.

Summary of the thoughts I came away with at the time:

First Cut:

I could not personally do cut outs, too fiddly and precise for me. Loved the playing with scale from tiny to huge.

Artists books:

I could see myself producing an artists’ book although it would not be in the slick, professional category but in the  “great idea, poor execution” / “eaten by the dog” category.

Pleating and crumpling:

I really enjoyed playing around with the pleating and crumpling although I have yet to find a place for it in my work.

Overall, I love paper as a medium, and love the feel and texture of off white handmade paper with rough edges. I love the look and effect of tracing paper laid over something. I do a lot of collaging in my personal work and I like to use high quality magazine paper (such as Selvedge which also has lovely imagery/colours). I don’t like smooth printing paper as much.

I was interested to look again at paper artists and to visit another artists’ book fair and see how my thinking has moved on.

I had an interesting talk with artist Alice Fox at Tetley Book Fair who works with paper. Her recent project was making a book related work in Newcastle City Central Library. In this project the paper was stained, torn and burnt to make up the small book units.

On PinInterest I have enjoyed looking at the work of Jim Doran who makes Dioramas in tins.

Also Katherine Belsey who makes pop up houses.

Finally I also enjoyed The work of Ali Golzard who works in recycled cardboard.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.15.52

crumpling piece from my textile course


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