Sample brief 1 BBC

The client wants to attract and pull in new viewers in the 25 – 44 year age group who are interested in culture (as well as retaining it’s core audience). They could judge a successful outcome on viewing figures. This brief is moderately closed. It wants a 20 second credit sequence referencing various sections of the arts, with a few restrictions about what can’t be shown. It could be opened a bit in that it could be tied in with trailers and posters for the show which could explore specific aspects. There is no deadline or budget mentioned. As it is the BBC I would imagine these would be quite specific, also presumably it would involve working with a production team?

Sample brief 2 Orange

This is a very wide open brief. The product could include a made object (such as a cute monster, a T shirt, mobile phone that comes alive etc etc) a poster, film sequence, adverts in magazines or on social media. A successful outcome could be judged by an ad campaign that wins awards, goes viral and a bigger uptake of Orange products. I would want to know about budget (and team working) and deadlines.

Sample brief 3 Sainsburys

This is a very closed brief.The size, shape and placing of the design is all stated. There is a choice of 3 themes. The freedom comes in the style and use of colour.

A successful outcome would be hard to judge. Possibly asking a focus group/staff members if they noticed the bags and what message the bag was giving.

Again a deadline or budget are not mentioned, although presumably this would involve one person producing a design which is then passed on for production so budget would be related to time spent on the design, rather than production costs.

Writing a rationale:

I was not attracted by the Sainburys brief which seemed too boring. The Orange brief was too big for me and as a late (and at times apprehensive) adopter of technology it was a poor fit for me.

This left the BBC brief. I have enjoyed good opening credits, and the brief made me think straight away about the South Bank Show which I remember from my childhood. It was a combination of a distinctive piece of music tied in this a rolling series of images which merged into one another. The brief wants to be cutting edge but I think this idea could be updated and reimagined. The choice of music would be crucial, something current and indie but very catchy.

Second rationale: Another credit sequence which I love is the one for Game of Thrones. I could imagine a viewpoint swooping down into a model of London then swooping off to other locations shown as little models such as a fashion show, iconic buildings, cinemas etc.

Third rationale: A young person (within demographic) sitting in silent train carriage surrounded by older, bored and boring looking commuters. The person put their headphones in and start looking at their phone screen. The carriage starts to fill with music and then moving drawings of fashion models start parading through followed by a two people having an animated discussion about a piece of art, then a film crew come through etc. All becomes much more interesting and stimulating.

I think writing a rationale made me crystallise my thoughts a lot better.

Research: Self directed projects

I was excited when I read this section on Tom Philips work A Humument  because I had seen 3 pieces of this very work in someone’s house. I had been very drawn to them to the point of going on about it in an embarrassing way, long after I should have changed the subject.

I tried looking for other examples of self directed work but struggled to find something I liked that was also identified as self directed. I do feel however that I have been producing my own self directed work over many years which is still too unresolved and incoherent to be called a project at present.


random sketchbook page

Research: Competitions

I looked at DandDAD and nothing appealed at all. However the RSA design awards felt very different, I only get inspired by things that I feel strongly about and the current list of competitions seemed to have lots of scope. (Sleep matters; Hygienic Home; Eat, Share, Live.)


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