Self Directed Project

I have a nostalgic memories of magazines lying around my grandmother’s house as a child, which led me to buy the book Lifestyle illustration of the 60’s edited by Rian Hughes.

I didn’t start with an agenda but thought I would make my own versions as a collage, that I could work it up to an exercise in self publishing, in Part 4. However I found myself taking longer and longer. I wasn’t bogged down in it, I was enjoying it, it was just getting a bit too big a project. I put it to one side and decided to come back to it as Assignment 5.

When I got to Assignment 5 I was meant to write a brief and a rationale (and then run it by my tutor) before starting. This was already backwards as I had started and I was still trying to understand what I was actually doing, and the only way for me to do that is by doing it.

So I am arguing here that for a self directed project or research question it is legitimate to write a retrospective brief. I could have pretended that I did this the right way round but I’m not, so you are getting the actual process here.

The initial process

I enjoy collaging and have been doing it in an unplanned way for several years, building up images using bits from magazines, coming back weeks later to add a bit more, so the images build up over time. This time I was having to use a different process by starting with a particular image that I wanted to make a version of.

I  flicked through the book and picked selected images at random, that took my fancy.

I am a big fan of Toulouse Lautrec’s posters which have a bold, eye catching feel to them, with strong blocks of colour and I assumed that I was attracted to the simple shapes and blocks of colour in these images in the same way.references

I made several images of pictures that I was pleased with. As I continued with the process I noticed that I was getting better at it, that sometimes the collage was a bit too well done for my liking. I felt something was missing so repeated the collage, trying to deconstruct it further.

By this time I had enough images to put a few together. I tried arranging them, with the further deconstructions but I couldn’t get the feel right.

It was at this point that I called a halt and put them aside for 6 weeks while I got on with other work.deconstructdeconstruct2deconstruct3.jpg


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