Adobe InDesign:  Proficient / Expert

I am pretty confident with this software with putting together a magazine regularly. There are still a few things I can’t do (I’ve never used a master copy, instead I use a previous version and delete the content).

I’m comfortable using it and happy to pick up new tips from the printer we work with.

Range of fonts: Competent

I can get by with choosing fonts and using them but I’m aware that my knowledge is fairly superficial. I’m hoping I will pick up more knowledge on this course.

Adobe Photoshop: Competent / Advanced beginner

I am far more confident than I was. I am happy working with layers. I still struggle with issues which I am sure are basic problems. I always have trouble with using colours in photoshop. I am getting better at masks. My software also has a few little glitches of its own which are annoying.

When I struggle I watch basic videos on line which I usually find helpful. I find that the videos often don’t directly address the issue but I often work it out indirectly.

Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet: Competent / Advanced beginner

I can do a few basic tasks with Illustrator, I am confident with tracing but have struggled with the pen tool. I use it in association with the Tablet and so far have been able to do a limited repetoire of tasks. I’m aware that I have barely scratched the surface of what the software can do, but so far I have been able to do what I’ve needed to. I would look on line for videos if I was struggling.

Marker pens, layout pads, sketch books: Expert

This is my comfort zone, I know what I can and can’t do and I am happy working with these tools.

Apple Mac, scanner, printer: Proficient

I can use these day to day, generally fairly comfortably. My printer / scanner is A3 which is very useful but I am conscious that the print quality isn’t brilliant and for a professional finish I would go to a local print shop. The printer can also be a bit temperamental.

Camera and photography equipment: Advanced beginner

I’ve never been comfortable with a camera and taking photographs but out of necessity I use the camera on my phone. I have bought some lights and backing fabrics in order to light models better. I have used them a little but am still at the stage where I struggle to even set them up.

This is an area where with more practice I could improve my confidence and technical abilities. I think I will also ask my husband for help next time.

Hard Drive: Novice

I have a hard drive and I use it to back up my computer, beyond that I’ve no idea of how to use it.


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