Reflect back or Hitting the Wall.

I wasn’t that happy with the posters. I had a rethink. I thought about using different images but I wanted to keep the ideas simple. I have a tendency to get things overcomplicated and spend a lot of time on the illustration, whereas I wanted to keep my focus on the text.

I thought the original idea was still valid, just needing rejigging.

They seem very grey and depressing. Interestingly, the photos on the website look quite depressing too.

[I got this far in the project and stalled, over a matter of a few weeks. My desktop was absolutely filled with images which was a bit overwhelming and I found it very hard to summon up any enthusiasm for the work at all. Interestingly, I also found it very difficult to focus on the previous exercise which I was doing at the same time. I had a lot of family stuff going on so I am thinking that this downswing in creative energy may be 1) a natural part of the creative surges 2) having too much personal stuff going on as well as 3) struggling with the Assignment.


I have had a break from work, been away for a few days and family issues are settling. I blogged on my other blog (spillustrategoesrandom@wordpress.com) about being blocked and now I feel a bit more able to focus. I finished the previous exercise, tidied up my desktop by filing some of the images, tidied my studio generally. Not inspired but plodding on]

In the past at this stage, I might have decided to rethink my ideas, but in fact I am going to focus down on the text idea, rather than changing the imagery. I don’t expect a brilliant outcome but I want to push the idea rather than give up on it. (I think this is a better solution for me, maybe not so great for my imaginary client!)

I had got myself very bogged down with manipulating the text and switching between Illustrator and Photoshop. I was really struggling with trying to manipulate the background and to scale the text appropriately. Finally the ideas and process fell more into place, I decided that the 3 posters would have an identical background, as though someone was walking along, seeing the writing.

My final work flow was this:

Pavement image prepared (slightly pink hue) in Photoshop.

Placed in Illustrator.

Text written in correct font, colour (fill in green, stroke in black).

Text made into outlines

As object, use “mesh distort” to manipulate the shape of the text.

Remove pavement image.

Save file.

Open pavement image in Photoshop

Place text from Illustrator file

Use eraser tool on text.

Finally I made some drawings of flowers, (instead of using photos altered in Photoshop)

I used live trace in Illustrator, added colour and finally placed them on the posters in Photoshop.

first draft

First draft


Final images

Lessons learned:

I don’t know why I persisted so long with photos of flowers, my own drawings worked far better and were also very quick and less fiddly.

I’ve improved my skill levels in Illustrator and Photoshop.

It was an uphill struggle putting the text first, the image second, but I am glad I persisted.

Overall, I don’t think the posters are that great, but I need to stop struggling and fiddling with them and move on.


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