via Face Time

Well it was very different having a FaceTime tutorial! Despite my nervousness (my husband and I can get in a complete flap trying to Face Time the children) it worked better than I was expecting. I do have a preference for sitting alone in my studio and not letting the outside world impinge, I was comfortable with sending off my work and getting back a printed report from a disembodied tutor at a later date. But actually it was very useful. I’ve now had the printed report and these are my own thoughts and things I want to hang on to:

First point:

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. I think I was thinking myself in a bit of a graphic design straitjacket, mentally dressed all in black (?charcoal), working on a laptop in a hipster cafe while discussing earnestly the minutiae of Helvetica vs Arial.

I learnt to embrace my 4 year old drawing skills in Illustration 2 i.e. messy, out of control but very alive, so I should continue to go with that. I’ve been exploring colour, shape and pattern for a long while, I need to carry on.


Don’t get too stuck on the computer, bob back and forwards with hand drawn stuff. The computer screen is seductive but the real magic for me happens off screen.


Question the briefs and twist them to my own ends. I’ve done this in my last 2 courses and it’s ALWAYS been the right move. If I’m bored, it’s not working.

Other points:

Crossovers in my interests? Keep an eye out.

How to get over my separation of type and imagery, using type as another tool or mark?

*How to break up the clean lines of type to harmonise it with my drawing?*

Revisit Pinterest images and reference them.

Suggested viewings:

RSA briefs

Especially animation briefs 9 and 10. I did not expect to be thinking about this sort of thing on GD2. Animating a sound track??? The top of my head blows off. Exciting, scary stuff.





I liked all these websites. One of my problems is that I can get overstimulated by all this stuff so I stop looking at them. I need to find the happy medium to slot them into my routine without falling down the rabbit hole.


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