I had a few ideas of hand made type, I made some out of plasticine, but then I went with making cut outs. I am trying to explore fusing my sketchbook work and OCA work and I have been using cutting through a lot in my sketchbooks so I followed a process that I have used many times, although this time was less random and more planned.

I drew up a grid of uppercase letters, numbers and an ampersand. I prepared similar sized sheets of paper.ex-typesamples2.jpg


I drew shapes in thick black lines, quickly without making them perfect.

I cut out the shapes quickly.

I laid another sheet of paper behind and drew through with thick oil pastel. This made “Cutout Regular”

I took another sheet and attached them together. Using the thick oil pastel leaves a residue around the stencil so I used this to smear the residue onto the sheet below. The two attached sheets made “Cutout Smear”.

I took the two sheets apart. The bottom sheet makes “Cutout Ghost”

The top sheet makes “Cutout Empty”. 

I then went back to the cut out shapes. I laid them on a fresh sheet and used oil pastels to draw round the shapes to make “Cutout Outlines”.

I then stuck the cut out shapes onto a fresh sheet of paper to give “Cutout Inlines”ex-typesamples21.jpgex-typesamples22.jpg

Making up a Type Sample:

The problem with using cut out shapes is that they have to be simple. It is for use for Heading text  rather than  body text so I will have to set any text in a different font.

Accompanying text:

I used Bradley Handwritten for the body text.

“Cutout, designed by Spillustrate in 2018 is a banner font for projects requiring that handcrafted look, the variations working well against a coloured background.”SamplesfinalSamplesfinal2


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