Today I had what I think of as a “disrupter day.” Just to be clear, I mean that in a good way. Instead of plodding steadily on, I had a conversation with my tutor via Face Time which “disrupted” me for the whole day. I have days like this when I see my art friend. We talk and talk and my brain whirls for hours afterwards, I can’t read on the train home, I have to sit quietly and try to process everything. 

I see this as a very positive day although workwise I have accomplished zero. I went for a walk afterwards and my brain started exploding with ideas. It is exhilarating but also exhausting and when I get home I want to shoot off in 10 different directions at once to follow up on my thoughts. 

There were a lot of things discussed in the tutorial and I’m going to go through that when I get my report, but the thoughts I want to pin down now:

-“try and always include the things you love in your work”

-A possible solution to the hand made versus commercially printed dilemma (I remembered a small printer workshop in a back street that I used once before)

-I’ve started writing in a notebook. The title of the piece is “Putting Together the Jigsaw”. I want to see if I can continue with this, even if it mutates and evolves into something else.

-I had a completely random idea for making an animation, maybe using illustration or 3D models, possibly by collaborating with a photographer or film student at the OCA. 

My head is mince now. I’m putting these things down, like throwing mud at a wall and it will be interesting to see if any of them stick.

I’m going to feed the cats and call it a day.

[Note to the OCA, this is what an interaction with a tutor SHOULD be like, stimulating, challenging, encouraging]disruptor


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