I chose the advert for Badedas bubble bath which I remembered from my childhood. As a child, it puzzled and annoyed me, I recognised it as the bubble bath that my mother used. As our father had left and our mother needed a new man, the bubble bath obviously wasn’t working!

I think the message at the time was an advert targeted at women, telling them that in order to experience romance and sex in a Mills and Boon type fantasy situation, all you need to do is have a nice bubble bath and then wait by the window. The woman is glamorous but very passive. The men depicted are the typical men from 70’s adverts which are a strange mixture of knitting pattern wholesome but still trying to be sexy. They just seem creepy and weird now.


I remade the advert to reflect a more feminist outlook.  The woman is still in a towel but she has her hands on her hips and is more powerful (despite being yoga Barbie who is not really designed to stand upright). I used an Action Man from the 70’s who has a suitably miserable expression.

I experimented with a variety of poses and ideas. The main problems were that Action Man and Barbie were not very stable on their feet so I had to fix their positions with masking tape and Blue Tack. I experimented with the lighting, taking photos in daylight and at night. The Badedas bottle was a similar size and shape as the Barbie, which almost makes it look like another person. I chose a photo where the bottle wasn’t too dominant.

I did 2 versions, I prefer the night time one with the action man looking disappointed.badedas2.jpg


Final image


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